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AgroforestryX Design Tool Overview

Transform agroforestry visions into designs for food, timber, native habitat restoration and more!

Economic Analysis for Multistory Agroforestry

Sophia J. Bowart & Neil Logan 

Chapter 7 from the book, Agroforestry Design for Regenerative Production, edited by Craig Elevitch, examines the financial, social and environmental benefits of multistory agroforestry systems. This thorough analysis is meant to help growers to optimize their design for maximum crop productivity, income, as well as environmental, social and cultural welfare.

An Excellent Review of the AgroforestryX Tool

By: Timothy Watkins
ECHO Community

This excellent review of the AgroforestryX Design tool written by T. Watkins is from an experienced agroforestry practitioner who explores the functionality and use for farmers and landowners.

Agroforestry Standards for Regenerative Agriculture

This innovative research paper examines how agroforestry practices can advance regenerative agriculture’s five core environmental concerns: soil fertility and health, water quality, biodiversity, ecosystem health, and carbon sequestration and proposes a framework and general, measurable criteria for an agroforestry standard that could potentially be implemented as a standalone standard or built into existing agriculture, forestry, or resource conservation certification programs.

Impacts of Agricultural Plastic Use: FAO Assessment

FAO. 2021. Assessment of agricultural plastics and their sustainability – A call for action. 

"This report presents the results of a study on agricultural plastic products used globally in a range of different value chains. Sustainable alternative products or practices were identified for products assessed as having high potential to cause harm to human and ecosystem health or having poor end-of-life management. The authors hope that the study will provide an impetus for discussion about the use of agricultural plastics, their benefits and trade-offs, and ultimately stimulate action to reduce their potential for harm to human health and the environment." Regenerative Agroforestry systems are highly stratified, making the use of agricultural plastics for weed suppression obsolete. Contact us to help you reduce your use of agricultural plastics on your farm!

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