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Ecological, Economical, and Abundant Regenerative Agroforestry Systems 


We are seasoned experts in regenerative agroforestry. We are experienced at all scales and environments. Optimize your results and minimize your losses by working with our team from the outset. 

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AgroforestryX is an online design tool currently in use by NRCS conservation planners. This tool helps users to select species, spacing, and visualize regenerative agroforestry system through time. Design on your own or work with us to customize your projects for maximum success.


We provide customized training for land owners and managers to ensure that they have all the capacity and support they need to install and manage their project, maximizing success. We also provide training for organizations and communities.

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We are regenerative agroforestry design consultants. We work with a diversity of clients, whether starting out fresh on a new project or looking to diversify a conventional orchard. From assessment to installation, we provide plans that meet our client's ecological, financial, and social goals. We will help you to:

  • Build your soil naturally

  • Take the guesswork out of plant selection

  • Determine plant spacing and management

  • Estimate harvest yields

  • Predict costs and revenues (profitability)

  • Quantify environmental benefits

We specialize in increasing the capacity of those we work with to design, implement, manage, and assess their agroforestry plantings.  


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