Economical and Ecological   

Regenerative Agroforestry Systems


We are dedicated to expediting adoption of regenerative agroforestry systems everywhere on the planet. No project is too big or too small. Save your operation time and money by working with our team from the outset. With our combined 75+ years of experience at your service, we will help you avoid mistakes and optimize your system for social, ecological, and economic benefits. With experience in over 10 eco-zones, our team is ready to help you, from assessment and design to training for installation and management. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation with our team.

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AgroforestryX is an online design tool that helps users to select species, spacing, and visualize regenerative agroforestry system through time. With many different views and up to 15 years of animation. The tool guides the user through the design process, expediting the planning of multi-story agro-forests. AgroforestyX was created in collaboration with the NRCS/USDA for a Conservation Innovation Grant for the U.S.- Affiliated Pacific Islands and includes other pan-tropical species. AgroforestryX makes designing your next food forest fun and educational!


Because regenerative agroforestry systems are more diverse and have more layers than what most people are used to, education is essential for the success of the projects we help to plan. Over the past 30 years, our team has facilitated over 200 workshops with over 9,000 people. We have extensive experience in providing training on the guiding principals of installation and management of regenerative agroforestry systems. Our workshops are customized for our clients to ensure that they have all the training and support they need to install and manage their project maximizing production and system wellbeing. 

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We are regenerative agroforestry design consultants. Whether starting out fresh on a new project or looking to revitalize a single-crop orchard, we guide clients from assessment to installation providing system designs that meet their economic, ecological and social goals.

Our team has 75+ years combined experience beginning in 1991 in agroforestry education, design, and field implementation and management. We specialize in increasing the capacity of those we work with to design, implement, manage, and assess their agroforestry plantings.