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Other Services

Forest PantryTM

We reverse engineer your project design based on the nutritional needs of the people it is meant to support. This results in the development of a menu / meal plan, based on the number of people and their food preferences.

Habitat and Ecosystem Services

Utilizing the concept of Agro-Successional Restoration, we go beyond hybrid ecosystems to deliver native species habitat regeneration at a fraction of the cost of conventional ecosystem restoration. By incorporating crops that function ecologically while also generating income throughout the project life cycle, the cost of establishment and maintenance are kept low, while longevity of target native species is high. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides are used in this process. 


Rapid Regeneration of Degraded Land

After ~150 years of industrial agricultural, much of the worlds prime agricultural land has been depleted of the carbon and mineral-rich topsoil essential to production. Rapidly restoring these degraded sites so they can be returned to regenerative agriculture requires an intensive accumulation process. Most agricultural projects skip this step and subsequently fall into the trap of expensive fertility inputs, declining production, pests, and failure. 


Value Added Natural Products

In addition to helping match the crop with environment, we can also help you find the best way to add value to your project's raw materials. We assist clients in identifying market trends and the selection of processing equipment to streamline operations from the ground up.

Bio-energy systems

Designed specifically for the production of lignocellulosic biomass and oils. Average biofuel and biomass production systems today utilize regimes of 1-3 species. Our systems incorporate fully stratified canopy through time leading to increased Land Equivalent Ratio.


Phytomining is a means of extracting metals from soil/rocky substrates using hyper-accumlator plant species. Most of the systems in this new field consist of highly simplified crop regimes. We design phytomining solutions that incorporate a complete stratified canopy through time. These multi-strata phytomining systems have a greater capacity to sequester metals in a synergistic system that functions like a natural ecosystem. Ideal for multi-metal substrates.

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